summertime outback

Right now I’m glued to my computer, but this summer I had a chance to spend a week in the Polish countryside, in the Lublin Voivodeship, the far east part of Poland.
So I came up with this #throwback blog post, as I'm both literally and figuratively stuck in the city. Imersing myself in nature, while for a little longer entirely separated from the wildernes.

#tbt: mountains look better with snow

Spring hasn't fully sprang yet, and I'm back to winter in my head today. A couple of shots from my last winter escapade with Piotr - delightful!

#daytrip: brno

First international trip this year - I visited Brno for the first time and despite the trip being only one day I was glad I've got a glimpse of how pretty this Czech city is! I hope spring'll bring more travels my way!