leipzig: mehr lesen wissen konnen

A vintage neon, literally it means you can know more by reading more, correct me if I'm wrong, my Deutsch needs Polishing.
Being a former biggest city of East Germany (not counting Berlin), Leipzig housed some government institutions. This building might had been serving as a ministry of education of some sort.


Richard said...

As far as I know the building used to be an old (state run?) publishing house (for school books?). The neon is beautiful and protected against demolition under the laws of the German Denkmalschutz (Agency for the Preservation of Cultural/Architectual Works of Art)

Fixed Gear Krakow said...

Thanks, Richard! That's pretty much what I thought :)
Did I get the german translation all right? :)

Toni said...

u almost did. this is not more than words being strung together, where mehr (more) is some kind of adverb to the words lesen (read), wissen (knowledge, to know) and können (to be capable of, skill) to intensify the meanig of the actual words. i would even tend to say that it's an accumulatio.