Happy Holidays!!

... or Christmas. But whatever you believe in, this time of year is good to remember about your family, friends and simply take it easy. Take care this Christmas time!

2008/12/14 Bednarskiego Park, Podgorze, Krakow

last weekend i tried to make some shots during a short walk in bednarskiego park in krakow's neighborhood of podgorze. luckily because the weather now isn't that great any more...

2008/11/28 Critical Mass @ the Market Square

yes, we love traffic and public safety officers! critical mass rider getting a written warning for violating public order by playing loud music (from a music trailer - not in the picture)

for more shots of bicycle issues in krakow go to my bicycle site on flickr

2008/11/17 - Karmelicka @ Bagatela theatre, Downtown Krakow

the newest cycling invention in krakow: self service bike share program.
the first series of bikeone is 100 bikes at 12 stations. here at bagatela station

for more shots of bicycle issues in krakow go to my bicycle site on flickr


2008/11/04 Plac Wszystkich Swietych, Old Town, Krakow

Plac Wszystkich Swietych - literally "All Saints' Square". Right by the City Hall.
I think fall is the best season for cycling. If you don't mind rain from time to time, it's just great. It's not to hot so you're comfortable in terms of temperature, there are no unpredictable seasonal riders, there is no snow (yet)...
Keep riding!

2008/10/18 Wisla banks, Downtown Krakow

Seems like I've been catching every glimpse of an Autumn sun!

2008/10/11 Poselska, Old Town, Krakow

Evening warmth...
I don't think I can have any comments on that. I just love fall and this one's pure fall.

2008/10/06 Siemiradzkiego, Downtown Krakow

As you can see, I'm quite into architectural details lately.
This particular railing I noticed just today, although I've lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years!

2008/10/05 Podwale, Downtown Krakow

This Sunday afternoon was just perfect! Sun, warmth, the feeling of fall...
I just could not stand hanging around at home and got out to shoot. This doorway (recently renewed) is one of the most beautiful in town I think.
Hopefully I'll find more time to shoot, like today. Hopefully the fall won't strike us with rain and misery and It'll be just as nice as today.
Have a good week everybody!

2008/08/31 Vienna, Austria

A couple of images from my day in Vienna dwo weeks ago.

2008/08/30 Trzaska cesta vicinity, Ljubljana

These are shot during my last day in Ljubljana.
I really like
d the "Ljubljana" graffiti on a shabby building and the cat/dog scene just made my day!

Guess that's it for Ljubljana; soon I'll upload some shots from a day in Vienna.

2008/08/29 Center, Ljubljana

Various scenes from Downtown Ljubljana.
Another building by Plecnik (Miklosiceva cesta - street),
A little fella that accompanied me during my lunch brake at Ljubljanica banks,
And a totally cool scene from a local department store. I saw this little guy and liked this contrast so much that I had to snap a photo!

2008/08/28 Prešernov trg, Ljubljana

Preserenov trg, I.E. Preseren square is Ljubljana's centrally located main square.

2008/08/28 Ljubljana Grad

Ljubljana Castle is dating back to 12th century A.D. It's located centrally and dominates the city's skyline.
I don't think that the castle itself is any interesting but the views from it are pretty nice.

2008/08/27 Zmajski most, Ljubljana

Zmajski most, The Dragon Bridge over Ljubljanica river is a creation by ...guess who? Of course, our friend, Joze Plecnik. Ljubljana really is his town!
I really liked this bridge. In any other place in the world I would probably consider it a kitsch but in Slovenia's finest city it was just in it's place.
The upper picture shows a very nice lamppost at dusk (you can also spot these in the picture below.)

2008/08/27 Plecnikove Zale, Ljubljana

Plecnikove Zale cementary was also created by Joze Plecnik.
These pictures doesn't show any of his buildings though; I just liked the colors of those lamps...

2008/08/27 The Triple Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Triple Bridge over Ljubljanica river is a creation by famous slovenian architect and artist, Joze Plecnik.

2008/07/18 Skien, Norge

Unfortunately we only spent one hour in Skien, but that was enough to get all the highlights such as Ibsen Theatre and Skien Cathedral.

2008/07/04 Monastir, Tunisia

Minutes after sunrise @ our Monastir hotel.

2008/06/26 Tempel Synagogue, Kazimierz, Krakow

I've already mentioned Kazimierz and this beautiful structure is The Tempel Synagogue, the most important synagogue for Krakow's modern Jews.

2008/06/20 Urban Commuting in Krakow :)

2008/06/16 Kazimierz & Podgorze tour, Krakow

A famous alleyway/courtyard that "played" in "The Schindler's List" movie by Steven Spielberg.

Another glimpse of Kazimierz, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Krakow. These new bike racks are great by the way. They fill it up with concrete so it's literally unbreakable.

A view of the central part of Podgórze, a part of old Krakow that lays on the other side of the Vistula river and a skyline of The Wawel Castle.

2008/06/09 Praga, Warszawa

Praga, a district of polish capital is a place where time stopped somewhere in the nineties I guess..
praga in wikipedia (english)

Sorry for not leting you be up to date with my pix. I'm not going to excuse myself.