nyc: pearl art supply and jammed canal street

View of the Pearl Art and Craft Supply shop on Canal street, from the roof on Mercer street in SoHo. Canal is one of the main crosstown traffic corridors, therefore it's nearly gridlocked most hours of day and night. One of the problems of Canal street is trucks coming back to New Jersey from Brooklyn. They come in through a distant Verrazano - Narrows Bridge, but when they're coming back they're facing toll on the bridge westbound. Instead, they travel all the way through Brooklyn, across Manhattan bridge, and eventually Canal street, supposedly, one of Downtown's main shopping strips. The city seriously needs to rethink putting tolls on the East River bridges.

nyc bike polo

They mostly play on Thursdays in "The Pit" at Chrystie and Broome. Check 'em out at

nyc: astor place subway

Different borough, different kind of Subway station.
Astor Place station is relatively insignificant (only "6" local train stops here), plus it's really easy to confuse uptown and downtown entrances at the first time.
Manhattan, NYC.

nyc: coney island

Coney Island, actually a peninsula in Brooklyn, NY is a neighborhood and a beach with a miles long boardwalk. It's also the last station for a couple of NYC Subway lines. Despite what one might judge from this picture, the station is a state of the art building, fully solar-powered, wheelchair accessible etc.

nyc: hiding from rain

Rainy night on the West Side of Manhattan, pedestrians seeking shelter under hot-dog vendor's yellow-blue umbrella.
Also, my three hundredth post! Happy anniversary to myself.

nyc: tenth

Tenth avenue at West 17th street in Manhattan, looking north, taken from the High Line.
Although I didn't bring my tripod, I managed to get a long exposure shot.

nyc: looking west

New Yorkers tend not to know what's beyond Manhattan, especially in the West (Brooklyn is East, right? :)
They do know there's New Jersey and, eventually, California, though what's between the two is pretty much unknown. Here is my favorite Steinberg's drawing that nicely visualizes how they see beyond Manhattan.
Taken from the High Line on a warm, September evening last year.

nyc: the exhibitionist

The Standard hotel New York overlooks the High Line park literally (it's standing over the elevated park). Due to it's huge, non reflective glass windows, one can see more than they'd like to walking up or down the High Line. Check out this short article about the issue in the NY Mag.

nyc: across the bridge

So far I've uploaded pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, the entrance to the walkway, eventually the walkway itself, at night. They were repainting the Bridge last year so shooting possibilities were limited due to construction fences. But then again, It was an interesting sight and kind of an unusual photo opportunity.
Unfortunately, my camera doesn't take good pictures in low light, I so need to get a new body!

nyc: this way brooklyn bridge

Neon guiding pedestrians to the Brooklyn Bridge walkway. the entrance is hidden beneath one of the bridge's on-ramp so they've decided to brighten it up a little.

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nyc: sidewalk art

Continuing a short series of Brooklyn.
Street Sidewalk-Art on one of the side streets off Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

nyc: chained meter

Playing with my 50mm lens... Somewhere in Brooklyn Heights.

nyc: the bridge

The most obvious and obligatory shot of the most famous bridge in New York. As a matter of fact, I did take pretty much the same picture a couple of years ago, and it went online, but I'm too lazy to look it up now :)