banco di sicilia

That's my third submission to the online exhibition of pictures of New York, "NYC Exposed".
Three of my pictures from September 2009 are there, enriched with an interesting description that I'm posting below.

Here is the original article. You can check out all of my three pictures over there.

SoHo's Historic District boasts myriad beautiful old architectural specimens. On his trip to New York City, photographer Stan Baranski found a gem of a shot on the corner of Broadway and Broome Street. Looming like an ultra-ornate giant in the background, the Banco Di Sicilia headquarters building with its Corinthian columns, and leaf and scroll engravings near the top, is hard to miss. The beautiful old street lamp works to balance the scene and adds a dimension to the overall balance. As seen in the other photos above as well, Stan's photographic eye is brilliant.

The cloudy sky and dark, brooding shading, along with crisp contrast, benefits the picture by encouraging an old-school, historic feel. Stan is not afraid to rotate his camera, as seen, also, in the first photo at the top of this page and seems to have a great sense of how this can add even more mystery to an already interesting composition!

The cast-iron district in SoHo is a feast for the eyes and this photograph makes it a feast fit for a king!