on the road across the nation

During my last trip to the US, I traveled across the country, on land, for the first time. These pictures were taken during the single longest trip, from Flagstaff, AZ to St. Louis, MO - 1362 miles. Pretty much all the travels within the US were made on the Greyhound buses, or similar (as portrayed the driver - who got lost around St. Louis airport, nearly missing a few passengers' flight.) A lot of ground we covered, thus a post "from the road".

fall collection

Most of the times I hang out with Antek we're doing fun stuff, like cycling, climbing, or winter hiking in the mountains (all these links refer to this year's posts.) This time though, we were both stuck in Warsaw.

hiking down

For a person used to climbing mountains it was quite an experience to hike down for a change. It was easy for sure, but we couldn't stop thinking of the necessity to climb back up! Did not make it all the way to the Colorado River, as it's a near impossible endeavour to go down and back up in one day. The trek across the Canyon ("rim to rim") usually takes three days.
Have a look at what's hidden beneath the horizon.
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nightfall at the south rim

First night at the Grand Canyon brought a spectacular sunset (we were a little late, can you believe the parking there!), and deer sightings!
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