valencian streetart

...or in the case of this one barber shop, just a creative way to advertise. Anyway, art comes out to the streets in Valencia, more than in any other city this sice I've been to. Pretty damn amazing how big the streetart scene is down there!

more valencia rooftops

I'm back from abroad, back online, and able to post again. Before I go down to the street level, see two more shots from the top of Catedral de Valencia.


A plain, single shot of central Valencia skyline opens up a short series of pictures of this beautiful Spanish town. VLC streetart next on the line!


Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's lifetime project is by far the most spectacular religious construction in the world. Although so far from completion (planned for late 2020s), it's already more stunning than any other church in the world. It's so recognizable and well known, that I avoided exterior shots, except for an image of the passion facade.