warsaw: tamka

Tamka is the main street in Warsaw connecting downtown and the neighboring Powiśle - a strip pf parks and apartments along the river. Only a few streets connect Powiśle to the rest of central Warsaw, as the neighborhood is lower than most of the city, it's quite a climb on a bike too! First of these two pictures was taken on May 4th, the daylight one was taken on May 28th.

weekend at the university library

Warsaw University Library (BUW) is the coolest library building I've ever seen. Probably more pictures comingg up soon, I need to spend some more time over there...

warsaw from sunset to sunrise

Museums' Night in Warsaw, 2k12. All night riding and chilling out.

new blog

I've decided to launch a new bike polo blog, it's called bikepolove. You can find it at bikepolove.blogspot.com.

legia warszawa

I had a chance to visit Warsaw'a beloved Legia's stadium two times recently: on a game day (today) and when it was totally empty. Certainly one of the nicest stadiums in Poland!