2008/04/29 St. Mary's Plaza, Krakow

Prince Charles along with his wife in Krakow to open a new Jewish Community Center in jewish Kazimierz district.

In The Herald Tribune

In The Jerusalem Post

2008/04/26 Gay Pride Parade, Krakow

My own coverage of the annual Gay Pride Parade in Krakow.

The pictures show the parade itself but also the police which protected the march and anti-guys (including an arrest.)

2008/04/23 Wisla banks, Zablocie, Krakow

Abandoned oil trailer in post industrial district of Zablocie.
Zablocie in Wikipedia (PL)

Another trailer there on Flickr:
krakow: the trailer

2008/04/23 Debnicki Bridge, Krakow

This structure, totally not interesting when you drive or walk on it is quite interesting from beneath.

2008/04/21 Planty Park, Krakow

Definitely my favorite spot in the park. Medieval Old Town on one side, the vibrant city on another and myself in the middle, though totally off the beaten track... Lovely.

2008/04/18 Plac Nowy, Kazimierz, Krakow

Unusual mean of transport, isn't it?

2008/04/11 Wawel, Krakow

In the series of my Krakow Postcard Shots :)

More pix of this place on Flickr:
krakow: the castlekrakow: the castle # 02

2008/04/10 Market Square, Krakow

Taken from the Stary Hotel roof terrace (Szczepanska st.)

2008/04/08 Batorego, Krakow

Weird vehicle, see it on Flickr

Description by Andreas Koningsdorff :
This is a very old (1960's/1970's) East German or Czechoslovakian (can't be sure nowadays), morotised car for invalids. They were never very popular due to the comfort level... or rather its lack. :-) I didn't think you'd find any in use in Poland. There are seats for 2 and fabric "door" and roof. In Poland they were registered as mopeds and had green number plates with white codes. The driver did not need to use legs/feet to drive it.

2008/03/28 Perfect parking skills - Szymanowskiego, Krakow

How I parked myself (!) in front of friend's apartment :)