miniature touristy paris

Can you recognize these places? :)

stop ACTA!

These photos were taken last night at the protest against ACTA in front of the Presidential Palace in downtown Warsaw. It was a peaceful protest, couple of hundred of people. The previous protest in Warsaw gathered around 2000 people, while on Thursday 15 thousand people took to the streets of Krakow.

nights in paris

Some cities are as beautiful at night as they are in daytime. Paris certainly is one of them. From the top: on the steps in front of Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, walking the streets of Marais, and the Carousel on Rue de Rivoli (at St. Paul metro station.)

jesus would kick them out!

Do you remember this scene from the Bible, when Jesus kicks some merchants out of the temple where they did their business? Well, he would be pretty upset with what's happening in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It's became a temple of sales for souvenirs and stuff. Not so many people praying there any more, probably because they're accompanied by camera flashes and the sound of counting coins...

paris bikes

Paris is full of cycles: motorbikes, mopeds, but especially bicycles. But what better mode of transportation can you find in such a beautiful city?
Missing the warm, sunny days on the bike, while cycling the hell out of winter Warsaw!

paris: space invader and other street art

It isn't easy to spot a tiny piece by the French street artist Invader in a city that overwhelms you with it's beauty and an incredible amount of things to look at.
Invader himself chooses his locations very precisely. All of his work I came across in Paris was at random, I hadn't looked it up prior to the trip.

lost picture + a request

A lost picture from the series of voitures de paris. It was taken in Belville, Paris' melting pot. Check out the guy in the left corner!

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paris: bibliothèque national

The construction of the French National Library (by the president François Mitterrand) completely changed the neighborhood and revitalised the space. It still isn't a very livable area, but with the new footbridge over Seine river and world-class (still impressive) architecture, once run down quarter between the river and railroad tracks, now is clean and inviting. Four towers of the library represent open books.

voitures de paris

Some of the most extravagant vehicles I saw in Paris last year. Too bad none of the above does not represent the famed Parisian parallel parking technique! They're really good at that!

valencia: architecture

Not much of a description needed: some random buildings from not touristic parts of Valencia.
Stay tuned for Paris!

valencian streetscapes

I'm opening the New Year with one of the last series of shots from the streets of Valencia, this time, the streets themselves. A little street art smuggled in here too. Next on the line, a little more of Spanish architecture!