floating diy pencil holder

Well, there isn't much "doing" in this diy project, but with some creativity I have a little more space on my desk!

two more from detroit

I thought I had little pictures from Detroit, but I ended up making a couple of posts, and here comes one more. At dusk we took a ride on the People Mover, an aerial train going around Downtown. You can see a picture of the train's concrete viaduct here. It's rather pointless: it goes around the center, and I bet it's faster to walk across than to take it around. But it provides nice views, some of them already shown here. These two last pictures represent my memory of the day in Detroit.

cliche post: detroit decay

This was inevitable: a city now bankrupt has to get a post revealing its more shabby side. And it can prove shabby indeed: from vacant lots turned cheap parking lots to the entire skyscrapers from before WW2 - the city is a witness to how tough American market capitalism can be. I talked to the valet boys at the Holiday Inn though (no, I wan not checked it, but they were kind enough to keep an eye for our luggage for a day), and they said that from the amount of guests, especially business ones, it's getting better. I have to admit, it is not a reliable research technique, but I'm wishing the best to this once glamorous town!

old glam detroit

At the height of its prosperity Detroit was a beautiful modern American version of Paris. Many of the beautiful old skyscrapers now stand vacant, but can be quite an eye candy when captured right. I enjoyed the architecture, as well as the urban form of the decaying downtown.