leipzig: after the storm

The pre-sunset sky over St. Nicholas Church and Zentrum - after a huge rainstorm.

happy holidays!

Happy Holidays, Marry Christmas to everyone.
I wanted to wish everyone the best in 2011 and thank those who are encouraging my photography, especially Anna!
White Eagle with golden crown is the national emblem in Poland. This vintage, hand-made ornament takes the honorable place on our Christmas tree.

leipzig: []

One of many examples of top quality modern architecture in Leipzig. Someone told me once that Leipzig is always dotted with construction cranes, unlike in Poland, vast majority of newly built offices are top-notch! This one here is somewhat connected to the University, though I don't know it's function.

leipzig: freiheit at sunset

Sunset with the "Freiheit" (freedom) mural on the side of Marriott Hotel in Downtown Leipzig.

leipzig: the tower

This transparent observation tower stands on the south side of Cospudener See lake in Leipzig. Wouldn't recommend climbing it to a person that's scared of heights! Although it gives a nice view of the lake and distant downtown Leipzig.

leipzig: the supreme court

The building for the Supreme Court in Leipzig is situated on Simsonplatz.

leipzig: fahrrad garage

That's the before mentioned university bicycle parking garage. I don't know how many bikes it hoses but there always were free parking spots. Now, that's planning ahead. Another thumbs up, Germans!

leipzig: uni

That is one of the main Leipzig University buildings: Mensa am Park. It houses a large cafeteria, lecture halls, a library and, for the most part, a huge underground bicycle parking garage. Brilliant: you roll down to the garage and simply walk up the stairs inside the building.
The skyscraper in the background is the MDR tower, providing a nice 360-degree view of downtown Leipzig.

leipzig: cospudener see

Cospudener See is an artificial lake in southern Leipzig. Accesible by public transit (bus, tram and S-Bahn), car or bike. From where I used to live it was a 5 - minute drive or a 10 - minute bike ride through the forest. Quite an incredible sight, that forest route, since apparently in the summer the vast majority of the people commute there by bicycles. Wide paths in the woods then make bicycle highways with an incredible amount of cyclists.

leipzig: volkszeitung

That's the title of the main local newspaper, Leipziger Volkszeitung. This structure is a part of their new offices. The way it's symmetrical and asymmetrical at the same time really struck me!

leipzig: lvb

The main building for LVB, Leipzig minicipal transportation authority.

leipzig: mitte

Downtown Leipzig. Home to my former school, Leipzig University, Museum of Modern Art, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum (Museum of Contemporary German History, focusing on the GDR history especially) and multiple shopping malls and other institutions. Here, a quiet back street.

leipzig: neue messe

The new Leipzig Trade Fair.
Here, a work of polish artist, Stanisław Dróżdż, Odtąd, Dotąd

leipzig: alte messe

I.E. Old Fair. This particular building is the former Soviet Pavilion. Although new investments, such as the National Library or Leipzig University buildings, arise around the Old Fair area, the quarter itself is still underdeveloped. Some buildings are abandoned, some house retail businesses. Also there is a spot where guys from Leipzig Bike Polo meet up Friday nights to play pick-up games and have beers.

leipzig: postamt

Part of the facade of the main post office building in LE. Built in '64 on Augustusplatz, one of the main public plazas in Leipzig, it represents East German Modernism. Unfortunately with a little respect for the architecture of this era, now it's run down and decaying.

leipzig: future or past?

This building, or should I say it's remains stood on the verge of downtown Leipzig. It used to be a shopping center and was eventually demolished in 2010. I took this picture before the demolition but after the removal of aluminum panels that covered the facade for the last couple of decades.
The construction looked like an adopted old building; the exposed core made impression of a structure out of a science-fiction movie.
The raw photograph was treated with 30% transparent mask of a HDR image.

leipzig: sealed off

Many buildings in the capital of Saxony (especially office or university) have exterior blinds in the windows to seal off the afternoon sun. Strangely enough, since the city is within the Temperate Climate zone.
It's indeed a weird view; brings to one's mind thoughts of a post apocalyptic city out of some movie...

leipzig: mehr lesen wissen konnen

A vintage neon, literally it means you can know more by reading more, correct me if I'm wrong, my Deutsch needs Polishing.
Being a former biggest city of East Germany (not counting Berlin), Leipzig housed some government institutions. This building might had been serving as a ministry of education of some sort.

leipzig: greenhouses

I spent four months in Leipzig, Germany this year. With these few pictures I start a short series of images of this collage town.
One of the first things that struck me in Leipzig was the amount of greenhouse-like courtyards and patios. Here are a few; above, an old gas works, now a public space and a museum.

One of many in-block passages that are covered with glass roofs (downtown).

The entrance hall at one of the biggest buildings of Leipzig University.