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gritty downtown warsaw

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santa fe, nm

Got over jet lag eventually (or over lazyness), and I'm wrapping up the tour of Southwest with a post about Santa Fe, New Mexico. However SF is rather a small town, it was quite a relief to be back in the city! Obviously, I just wandered off to find a street full of galleries and one of the best pizzas I've ever had.
Some of the other highlights here include:
x Japanese Internment Camp Marker - a place in a dog park (!) that tells one of the untold and forgotten stories from US history: what America did to its Japanese citizens after Pearl Harbor. I wonder, if our grandchildren will find things like that in the future, things that we tried to wipe off the history books.
x Georgia O'Keeffe Museum - the only art museum dedicated to a female American artist. My first museum visit in a while, it was cool to remind myself how much of a museum buff I am! I loved the way how O'Keeffe could sort of combine abstract visions of wilderness with relevant projections of landscapes.
x Loretto Chapel
x Pictures from downtown SF, and the gallery row. Couldn't believe how consistent this city was architecturally!

PS. First post with no pictures of Juri - sorry man! :)