the outskirts of colorado

Probably the least photogenic, but interesting nevertheless, Colorado day included a night at another surreal Navajo Casono-hotel, Mesa Verde rock dwellings, a progressive town Durango and a lot of driving through small-town America of the South-West. I got used to being on the road again, that's for sure!


Navajo Nation spreads across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. It can't be distinguished on an average map of the US (obviously), but It's a complex, well organized and developing "nation within a nation" (the Navajo claim they're American patriots too, they're not separatist, just well self-governed.) After the busy morning of studying this fascinating nation in lectures and meetings (including the meet with the Vice President of the Government, and a visit to the Navajo Council) we took out to the desert and the beautiful wilderness of this land. One of the highlights was the Monument Valley which I can't believe I visited again!

chaco canyon, nm

Chaco Canyon cuts through the New Mexico desert in the north-west of the state. It has quite a big concentration of pueblos (including Pueblo Bonito in the two first pictures), dating back to pre-Columbian times. Also, it's a very remote place with little people and a few beautiful trails.

acoma pueblo, nm

Pueblo of Acoma is situated one hour West from Albuquerque, NM. Situated on top of a rock, It's one of the oldest settlements in the US. It was great to tour this spiritual village and see how the traditional native culture is blending with American culture of today. An evening in the Sky City casino, owned by the community was also an interesting experience. Go to Acoma Pueblo Wikipedia page to learn more about the history of this place.

a boring airport post

When I first started the blog back in 2008 I was in NYC and needed a platform to share my pictures with friends and family. Social media wasn't the thing yet, so posting to facebook was out of question - noone would see it. That's how this blog started and the idea was to post regularly, update my friends on what's up. Gradually the blog became something different though, but now I'm on the road again and I'm going to try and post every day.
Airports always fascinated me for many reasons. Today I saw four of them, having spent over 22 hours on the go. Most of the pictures here come from Minneapolis-St.Paul airport, and Albuquerque airport. Have a look and see what happens next :)