2008/06/06 Market Square, Krakow

Tomasz Stanko and The Nordic Quintet concert

2008/05/31Czysta, Krakow

Very weird scene. An old polish Fiat car, cut in half and an Asian girl staring at it with interest and confusion...

That would be it for May, I apologize for all the delays. Soon I'll upload some new June pix.

Enjoy! :)

2008/05/30 Downtown Krakow

Krakow's Critical Mass

Cracked surface of the street (some pre-renovation works)

Very old fashioned chopper

2008/05/24 Wawel, Krakow

Some other Wawel shots @ my flickr:

krakow: the castle # 02

krakow: the castle

2008/05/16 Market Square, Krakow

During The Science Festival @ the Krakow's Main Market Square.