london: soho

The neighborhood of Soho in london and its modern architecture.

london: prayer

Roaming down Central London side streets I came across this Gothic cathedral and decided to check it out.

london: an evening at primerose hill

Primerose Hill is situated north from the Regent's Park. Actually, except for the Zoo, a single street and the London Canal, there is no real division between both greeneries.
The view from the hill is just spectacular. Though, here I was looking the opposite direction, admiring the silhouettes of picnicking Londoners. We too had a nice picnic (and a bottle of wine!), along with my dear friend, H. whom I'm sending warm hugs!

the meeting place

Picadilly Circus was my meeting place for a while this summer. No matter whom I was meeting with, It always was on the steps beneath this statue. I kind of have some nice memories from there!

theatres of london

I've decided to keep posting some of my pictures from London, where I had spent most of my summer this year. I hope to be able to choose different varieties of photographs, since London itself is really varied.

the staircase

More of the tate. Most of the people waited minutes for crowded elevators but i took the stairs. It turned out to be a good choice, that was the nicest staircase I've ever seen!

tate modern

Remembering london. The photograph shows a donations box at the tate modern gallery. Although most of the museums and art galleries in london are free, they do appreciate donations. They've got a pound from me too :)

london: lloyds building

sitting in the heart of london's city, roger's work from mid '80s reminds me of all those
sci-fi movies and cartoons. quite impressive

not a hdr

Indian dancers in British Museum

It's gonna be London now, baby!

I initially started the photoblog back in February, 2008 when I was living in New York City for a while. Throughout the rest of 2008 and 2009 I’ve been trying to keep up with posting, doing so as often as possible. Sometimes it was hard to keep the blog up-to-date though.
Right now I am in London for some time so I am going to try to post every day and keep the photoblog as interesting as London is itself. Cheers!

krakow: bike polo

ways of having fun on your bicycle are innumerable. here - a cycle polo match in an abandoned swimming pool in krakow

krakow: dziękuje za córke ♥

"thank you for the daughter ♥"

krakow: fixed gear culture

out of lack of inspiration recently...

the fixed gear bicycles scene is growing wide here in krakow, recently by the bike polo initiative

cats constantly smile...

I've been busy - cat'll do for now!

wroclaw: the waterfront

ostrow tumski, one of the oldest neighborhoods in wroclaw, right across the odra river.
during my bike weekend in wroclaw (*)
also, check out my other shot of wroclaw waterfront here, at my flickr site.

wroclaw: ossolineum

ossolineum, the oldest publishing house in poland, dating back to the beginning of 19th century. originally based in lviv (then polish, now ukrainian), since 1940s' located in this magnificent building in downtown wroclaw.
during my bike weekend in wroclaw (*)

also, you might be interested in some pictures from my trip to lviv, back in 2006

wroclaw: the station

the industrial-style steel structure of the main train station in wroclaw is over 150 years old. despite being not in a very good shape it's still impressive and beautiful.
during my bike weekend in wroclaw (*)

wroclaw: amusement mud

side view of the amusement park in wroclaw and its awful back site
during my bike weekend in wroclaw (*)

wroclaw: meandering alleys of the old town

wroclaw's old town is full of beautiful little cobbled back alleys and side streets.
during my bike weekend in wroclaw (*)

wroclaw: flower market

2009/03/20 The temple of money

Unfortunately, right out the Old Town in Krakow.

2009/02/14 The walk through snowy downtown in daytime

Michalowskiego, Anny and Karmelicka streets. The last one is for my krakow.bicycles project @