To get to know a city one needs to ride across it back and forth on a bicycle, learn at least one local slang word, see cool hangouts, drink coffee at local specialty cafes, get to know a legend (not necessarily an urban one), see a few sunsets, and if possible sunrises.

To play bike polo one needs to ride a bicycle, find a group of two-wheel enthusiasts, a ball, mallets, large tough surface and two goals. After these preparations it's time to accept the basic rule - "don't overestimate rules", and you're ready to play. You don't know what bike polo is? C'mon! #ohonbicycles

In his works Stan Baranski combines two things. First - LOOK! Look in a way to see (know) more. Watch cities and get to know their specifics. Second - PLAY. Take part in a niche sport that dwells in urban areas.

The exhibition is a result of riding, playing and getting to know cities over the course of last couple of years. It is a subjective look at a few cities seen through the viewfinder and from a cyclist's perspective.

Piotr Sikora

Come to the beautiful Pauza in Garden to see a few of my pictures in real life.
Exhibition open all February. Opening Monday 1st at 7PM. #bethere #żenarowerach

More info on facebook.

missing the sea

I'm sitting at my desk all day today, buried in papers, emails and other uninteresting activities and cought myself daydreaming and browsing through some pictures from my last time at the sea. Have a look at what came out of my head as a set of pleasant memories.*

*An unpleasant memory from that day is the one of a broken lens, but I'm waiting for a replacement to come now. Erase all bad memories! Keep it posi!