nyc: esb and times sq.

Another shot from the "Top of the Rock". Empire State building in the distance (with Downtown Manhattan in the background), and the lights of Times Square on the right side.

nyc: texting from the air

A guy glued to his cellphone at 260 meters above the street. "Top of the Rock" at the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. Check out how incredible this building looked like in 1933 here.

nyc: esb

Gotta take postcard shots as well, right? Well, maybe not exactly postcard but pictures of touristy places, like the Empire State Building. Taken from the very top of General Electric building at the Reckefeller Center (so called "Top of the Rock".) A few more shots from this roof might be coming up soon.

nyc: hi, beautiful

I was just passing by this fence at Sixth and West Houston and didn't ask, but apparently it was some sort of performance / an artwork / lover's message / just someone trying to brighten up others' day.