paris' lost statues

After a ten-day break (sorry about that by the way!), a couple of Paris' unknown statues. I bet there is not a single person who can localize them all! :)

warsaw bike polo catching up

After about two months of very irregular practices, Warsaw Bike Polo is finally getting back on feet. With long, cold winters and very big distances (along with car - centered road infrastructure), cycling culture is sort of going on hold for these couple of months.

a little bit of warsaw

...or actually, quite a bit! That's the view from one of hundreds if not thousands of modernist/postmodernist blocks of flats that take up most of residential buildings in Warsaw. Some of them represent quite interesting architecture, but sadly most are just overbuilt, enormous structures that shatter the urban landscape, making public space unbearable.

game on!

Despite horrible freeze, Krakow's hardcourt bike polo community goes out to the court at least once a week. But after all, as long as you play, you keep warm! 3, 2, 1, polo!
More of these photos on Bike Polo Club Krakow's facebook page. More about the team on their blog.

what varsavians shop for?

A closer study of the contents of this shopping basket, revealed that not only it only consisted of this single item, but also that the item's function was... there was no function whatsoever besides a questionable aesthetic value. However I think it's a super cool thing to buy! :)