Metropolises from the Backyard - exibition

Ever since I started to take photographs various cities have often been subjects of my works. Whether I take pictures in my hometown, Krakow, or during my journeys, urban photography always seemed perfect and inspiring for me. A natural environment for humankind nowadays, the city has many aspects that are not always available to everyone.
Thousands of photographers – professional and amateur – compete to show cities the way they see them or the way they would like to remember them, each their own way. I also try to gain from different aspects and sides of urban life myself.
The most important thing though, is to be able to show something that is hard to spot during our daily errands around town. Also, the clue here is to somehow blend into the crowd, enter the city through the back door, from the backyard. The locals can help to accomplish that, likewise a trip to the last subway station, a turn into an alley, or – if need be – seeking inspiration on the Internet.
“Metropolises from the Backyard” is a collection of fifteen works created from 2007 to 2009. Choosing the pictures, I focused on showing the least known sides of the cities that we all know well. However, sometimes one can spot recognizable elements, such as the Eiffel Tower in the background of the picture from Paris. The set of urban photographs is not only the documentation of reality, but also a creation of a subjective view of a city that appeared before my eyes.

The exhibition is available everyday in Zaczek club, 5 al. 3 Maja in Krakow.