I had one day to kill in Detroit. Not so many photographs from this short endeavor deserve to be posted here, but I'm assembling one or two posts. The first one - a nicer, cleaner side of this once great American city.

national stadium in wintertime

Warsaw's got a huge National Stadium for the 2012 Football Euros (on the site of an old communist' era stadium.) It happens so, It's the only place to practice bike polo in such weather in the capital. Check out these pictures of the snow-covered dome, and the polo court Polish Hardcourt Bike Polo Assn. put together last Monday.

finca kassandra espresso roast

Yesterday I had a chance to experiment with Colonna&Small's single espresso roast. The first ground was bad, the second one fine enough to taste the potential of this delicious specialty coffee! Thanks to my'o'my in Warsaw and, for the most part to Anna for getting the coffee!!

st. louis waterfront

Like many other cities, St. Louis's revival radiates from the river. The oldest section of the downtown lays by the river and it's already the "go to" place in terms of food or drinks. Many things will keep changing for sure, but this part of St.L was an enjoyable one. It was quite satisfactory to see that this city of 300,000 in on the good track right now.

st. louis: forest park

Forest Park is like Central Park in New York. Only it's not that central, and St. Louis is not as big as NYC. Nevertheless, it represents a successful school of American landscape design. I like parks of Europe, but there is something literally wild in parks of America that is very much appealing to me.
There is a ZOO in the park, which is free of charge, so half of our day in St. Louis was just strolling among animals.

downtown st. louis

St. Louis was one of the places I only visited briefly in the US. However, one day can be more than enough to get some thoughts, especially for a city zealot like myself.
First post is from downtown, which struck me as empty, and full of parking lots. I climbed one of the multiple parking structures to find out that three out of four corners of an intersection are actually parking garages! Nevertheless, like most American downtowns, the scale of the streets suggests that there is potential for spacial revival there. A nice tram runs underground and connects some parts of the city (including Forest Park) to downtown and the near waterfront is already becoming a place to go for nightlife and culture. All coming up :)

2013 / 2014

A post to mark the meaningless celebration of New Year. The bottom picture is from central Warsaw and was taken in 2014. The buildings, including "Rotunda" are usually covered with large advertisements. The top picture is from 2013 (NYE) and depicts a scenery of Bemowo district, about 10 km North-West from the Center.
I wish you all more pictures on this blog in 2014!