bessa: krakow old town backyards

If it wasn't for the cars parked in the alleyway, one could think this picture was taken a hundred years ago. This part of town haven't changed much since than.
St. Andrew's roman church and baroque St. Peter and St. Paul's.
Taken with my vintage Voigtlander Bessa.

bessa: ghettocourt

Actually, "Ghettocourt" stands for Warsaw's Hardcourt Bike Polo Organization, but this literally abandoned school basketball court needed a proper name. Found behind the no. 93 Elementary School in Krakow, taken with my vintage Voigtlander Bessa back during the summer of 2010.

Meanwhile, I am in Barcelona now taking advantage of the warm weather and shooting a lot, it's so beautiful!

london cyclist

That fellow did have a lot of lights, I must say! I've met him in front of Tesco Metro at Covent Garden very late at night. As you can see, he wasn't very pleased with me taking this picture but eventually agreed.

soho: friday night

Some play, some work.
A minicab driver (English car service), resting in his car before/after a long night of driving drunk Londoners around.