the ceiling

There are so many details in the St. Mary's Church in Krakow that are worth photographing! Especially that ceiling. You can just look up and... keep looking up until your neck hurts. That's how involving and beautiful it is!

more of st. mary's

As you can see, there are still a couple more pictures from St. Mary's church in Krakow I still want to share here.


The entrance to the Sacristy at the St. Mary's Church in Krakow. A friend of mine who is a tour guide said it's as beautiful as the church itself, unfortunately not open to the public though.

back to krakow

Back to Krakow. This is a detail of the wooden preacher's pulpit in Krakow's St. Mary's Church. Those interiors are amazing so keep checking the blog daily as I'm going to post more of pictures from there soon!

grzybowska, warsaw

Grzybowska is one of my favorite streets in downtown Warsaw. This particular building is a residential condo. I like how they divided the structure into "segments" and I also appreciate the wood on the facade. There are nice modern buildings in Poland!

OSIR cycle culture cafe, warsaw

OSIR cycle culture cafe is a coffee shop and a bar I came across in Warsaw last week. They have really good espressos and pretty nice bicycle events sometimes. It's decorated with designer fixed gear bikes and locally made track frames for sale. Check out their blog at:

happy women's day!

Last week I visited Warsaw for two days and came across this stencil once again. The picture is from 2008 though, since on Friday it was too dark to shoot. The stencil says More respect for women or I'll kill the bitch! :)
Happy Women's Day!

krakow: the university's medieval space ship

That is a fun shot of the oldest University building! We tried to find a proper name, but the only one that we came up with was simply a bay window. Apparently English doesn't have all the words to describe medieval architecture. Anyway, I was so amazed when I saw this bay window! Although I saw it hundreds of times before, I nevere thought of it as a space ship! And a space ship is what it looked like for me for a second! It's so funny how much medieval architecture has so many connections to 20th century sci-fi movies!
I'm in Warsaw at the moment, hopefully going to upload some pictures from here soon.

krakow: the university #2

More of the oldest University building in Krakow. Check out the full description in the previous post.
That old auditorium is now used only for representative purposes.
I took that picture just playing with the depth of field of my 50mm lens. Although I am able to shoot at 50mm with my "main" lens, it's so much more fun, when I'm forced to use 50mm, so to speak. I find photography more rewarding when I have to find a proper distance and composition, not being able to manipulate with zoom.

krakow: the university

This university building is from 1400! Seriously! It's great to see how they used to practice sciences and arts over six hundred years ago. Makes me a little ashamed I'm not taking full advantage of studying in 21st century. The building is called Collegium Maius and you can read more on it at it's wikipedia page. Here, a shot of the oldest library and study room.

st. peter and paul's

A little touristy but what the hell! I was a tourist in Krakow for two days straight and I don't regret it! Like I said before, It's so good to rediscover the places you think you know so well.
Meanwhile, check out the Fixed Gear Krakow Blog that I also run, as we're posting a lot of pictures from our polo matches, alleycat races and so on. Enjoy!