riding the streets of berlin

I haven't done a post before which consisted only of pictures 100% taken while riding my bike. Here it comes: all these are from the go, with my friends (thanks, Juri, Sophie, Chris, Mat and Karsten), or just us: my bike and I. This visit to Berlin was the 6th time I brought my bike there, but the first time it was actually warm and green. I suppose, I wanted to share some joy of cycling...

free university

For the last two years I visit one of the Freie Universität libraries every time I'm in Berlin. The JFK Institut is home to many books I like to look at, and it's situated in a beautiful low density neighborhood a 30 minute bike ride south from Potsdamer Platz. For the first time though I took some time to see the campus - it's main building documented in these pictures.

first night in berlin

I spent 4 days in Berlin around last weekend and here's a little teaser. I can't believe that despite the fact that I have been coming to Berlin for like three years now, I don't have any pictures on the blog from there. I did a few posts on bikepolove, but this is the first berlin shot on the photoblog.