nyc: soho

South of Houston (street.) That's what the abbreviation "SoHo" stands for. What used to be one of manufacturing quarters of Manhattan is now a mekka for shoppers seeking high end designer clothes and such. Still though you can feel the old spirit of the neighborhood, how it used to be back in the 70s and 80s when the art scene was going on here.

nyc: pershing square

Pershing Square is a section of Park Avenue South, where part of Park goes onto a ramp around the Grand Central Station.

nyc: the spectacle of lights

As the flooding in Poland continues (check out this amazing picture taken by a Krakow photographer G.Chorus), I continue to post rainy shots from my last visit in New York. Times Square is one of the places new yorkers hate the most, but nobody doubts the wonderful spectacle of lights, especially on the late, rainy afternoon. Also, for a year now parts of Broadway at Times Square and Herald Square have been turned into pedestrian plazas with planers, tables and chairs. Maybe new yorkers will eventually get to like Times Square?

nyc: rainy afternoons

New York is the only place on earth I don't mind the bad weather at all, even if it's raining for a long time.
That was somewhere in the west 40s. Every single empty lot
in Manhattan is turned into a permanent/temporary parking lot. The prices of parking are ridiculously high but people still do drive. Hopefully, a congestion charge of some sort will be introduced soon. The city was planning on charging people driving into Manhattan from Long Island (now the East River bridges are free of charge.)

nyc: c rock

"C" Rock is a gigantic "C" painted on the rock by the Harlem River, in front of one of Columbia University residence halls. The graffiti, painted and maintained by the Columbia students is perfectly visible from the Circle Line ships. It took years to finish it up since the NYPD was arresting the students painting it until they finally gave up and let the students finish.
The Bronx, NYC

nyc: lex

This part of Lexington avenue in New York really has some decent Art Deco architecture. Corner of Lex and East 42nd, just across the street from the Chrysler Building.

nyc: L.E.S.

Lower East Side. One of the most important neighborhoods in New York historically, now up and coming with a lot of new hip businesses and the art folk moving down here.
Corner of Eldridge and Stanton, by the Trackstar Bike Couriers.

nyc: this is the end

Actually, this is the beginning of my other series of New York. Hopefully I won't be crazy busy as recently.

This was somewhere in the Alphabet City, East Village, Manhattan.