cycling through downtown LA

This city, built around an idea to commute everywhere by car is impossible to walk through. And as the car is no longer my transportation choice, we chose to ride the endless streets of LA. Pretty long rides, not so many cars as I expected though. They're all piled up on freeways.

LA river

Most of the people doesn't know LA has a river! It's hidden in a huge concrete pit, crossed by tens if not hundreds of tall, concrete bridges... Right now a symbol of human attempt to control nature and a paradox: while LA is pumping expensive water from tens of miles away, all the rainwater flushes through here instantly into the ocean. Nothing gets absorbed by soil, therefore a need for artificial irrigation and the vicious circle goes on. An impressive symbol of human conceit in the 20th century.

santa monica

The 2012 visit to Santa Monica was little different than the first one back in 2007 (when this blog was not around yet.) Basically it consisted an all-American meal from a global processed food supplier, dip in the ocean, an hour walk and a struggle to find a bus back to the city. Typical euro-tourist day in Santa Monica I suppose...

welcome to LA

That was by far the best possible ride on the freeways of Los Angeles, the automobile city of USA.


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