london: soho

The neighborhood of Soho in london and its modern architecture.

london: prayer

Roaming down Central London side streets I came across this Gothic cathedral and decided to check it out.

london: an evening at primerose hill

Primerose Hill is situated north from the Regent's Park. Actually, except for the Zoo, a single street and the London Canal, there is no real division between both greeneries.
The view from the hill is just spectacular. Though, here I was looking the opposite direction, admiring the silhouettes of picnicking Londoners. We too had a nice picnic (and a bottle of wine!), along with my dear friend, H. whom I'm sending warm hugs!

the meeting place

Picadilly Circus was my meeting place for a while this summer. No matter whom I was meeting with, It always was on the steps beneath this statue. I kind of have some nice memories from there!

theatres of london

I've decided to keep posting some of my pictures from London, where I had spent most of my summer this year. I hope to be able to choose different varieties of photographs, since London itself is really varied.