2008/07/04 Monastir, Tunisia

Minutes after sunrise @ our Monastir hotel.

2008/06/26 Tempel Synagogue, Kazimierz, Krakow

I've already mentioned Kazimierz and this beautiful structure is The Tempel Synagogue, the most important synagogue for Krakow's modern Jews.

2008/06/20 Urban Commuting in Krakow :)

2008/06/16 Kazimierz & Podgorze tour, Krakow

A famous alleyway/courtyard that "played" in "The Schindler's List" movie by Steven Spielberg.

Another glimpse of Kazimierz, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Krakow. These new bike racks are great by the way. They fill it up with concrete so it's literally unbreakable.

A view of the central part of Podgórze, a part of old Krakow that lays on the other side of the Vistula river and a skyline of The Wawel Castle.

2008/06/09 Praga, Warszawa

Praga, a district of polish capital is a place where time stopped somewhere in the nineties I guess..
praga in wikipedia (english)

Sorry for not leting you be up to date with my pix. I'm not going to excuse myself.