it pays to go cycling in the winter

I'm not really a New Year's resolutions kinda guy, but cycling long distance at least once a week is one of the things I'd put on my agenda in 2015.
It actually happened twice last weekend, and within a day (didn't go to sleep Saturday night :).
These are from Saturday. I was wearing my seal skinz waterproof socks, and my bike was wearing some fenders. That saved our asses (and feet) from getting wet, but in fact it was reasonably dry. And the views were spectacular - check 'em out! I started from the Old Town in Kraków and that's where my route terminated, after a beautiful loop west from the city, through sparse exurbs, fields and hills.
More trips like that to come, I love living in Krakow now and being so close to this amazing cycling!
And in the meantime, stay tuned to my instagram feed, I'm posting daily!