warsaw protests backwardness

November 11 is the Independence Day in Poland. However, instead celebrating over two decades of freedom in our country It's an occasion to show how much divided we are. Last Monday three different events took place in Warsaw. One of them was the "Independence March". Some of the people taking part in it attacked the Russian embassy, there was a siege of two downtown Warsaw's squats, and newly refurbished rainbow - a giant arch on the Savior square was burnt.
Friday was the day for all of the Varsovians, including myself, who do not accept this. There was marching, chanting and kissing under the corpse of the rainbow. No throwing stones, breaking trees, setting cars on fire. Peaceful. This comes out of a anger, yes. But we hate them for hating everything different then themselves in the first place. And we show our disagreement in a civilized way. Glad to see so many people thinking the same way.
Look up more information on last week's events, for instance this Guardian piece.