NYC at 45 degrees

Browsing through some old pictures I stumbled upon this little series. Never published it anywhere, so there you go. Pictures come from 2007 and 2008 (I think.) Just seeing the Big Apple from a proper perspective. Also, these are my first years shooting digital.

It's been three years since I was in New York and I'm really starting to miss the place.

<3 NYC !

pretending it's still summertime / forest

Last post wrapping up the weekend trip to Mazury, the lakeland of Poland. I've shown the farm and the lakes in previous posts (here and here), last but not least - the forest. It's so quiet and relaxed in the fall! It was pretty nippy out, but the sun was glazing through the branches, plus we were cycling on retro MTBs and touring bikes - so much fun! Hope to have a chance to take advantage of the wilderness a little more before winter kicks in!

pretending it's still summertime / lakes

Another installment from my trip to the #landoflakes a week ago. This time, just the lakes. We had a chance to see the south bank of Śniardwy - Poland's largest lake (It's over a hundred square kilometers!), as well as a couple of smaller lakes, wandering around the beautiful forests and meadows of this beautiful countryside. Have a look!

pretending it's still summertime / the ranch

Last weekend I made the effort to travel like five-six hundred kilometers north to take advantage of the beautiful October weather in Poland's land of lakes - Mazury. I'll post three instalments of this trip, starting off with a couple of pictures from the ranch we were staying at. So much fun hanging out with livestock!

BTW, hello from Prague, Czech Republic!
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