..and some wishes just don't come true

What on earth were you thinking, California! No labeling for GMO foods, way to go! (@ wishing tree)

sf: wishing tree

san francisco: coit tower

San Francisco or rather Bay Area generally was the first stop during my US tour last September and October. Coit Tower is an old fire tower overlooking quite a big part of San Francisco. Now it's just a tourist attraction but certainly worth the climb up the steep hill and a long wait for the elevator.

the only post in august

Taken by the Gherkin. During my brief visit to London last weekend. We came for the third London Open bike polo tournament. See some pictures from London Open as well as the Hell's Belles Tournament at bikepolove.blogspot.com. Also, bikepolove is to be blamed for the lack of activity here! It's hard to run two photo blogs at a time!

warsaw summer rainstorms

A by-product of my latest post at bikepolove, my bike polo photoblog.


From last year's day trip to Lodz, polish third largest city.

spring in the mountains

Last April Antek, Dawid and I decided to go to the mountains for a spring sunrise. Not only we ran out of gas and had to push the car a few kilometers to the next pump, but we experienced one of the coldest times in the mountains ever. However, despite the cold, Babia Gora was beautiful as it always is.


Straszne brzydale, ale robi wrażenie taki widok :)

downtown warsaw streets

Streets in downtown Warsaw are pretty much superhighways. With little space for pedestrians, cars totally took over 90% of the public space. You can walk for a mile along the main roads and not find a single crosswalk. All pedestrian traffic is pushed underground, through steep stairs and broken elevators. The temporary crosswalk in front of the Central train station became permanent after many months of protests. Still, high curbs make it extremely unfriendly for disabled. Hopefully the City will realize they need to focus on pedestrian accessibility and car usage discouragement.

warsaw: tamka

Tamka is the main street in Warsaw connecting downtown and the neighboring Powiśle - a strip pf parks and apartments along the river. Only a few streets connect Powiśle to the rest of central Warsaw, as the neighborhood is lower than most of the city, it's quite a climb on a bike too! First of these two pictures was taken on May 4th, the daylight one was taken on May 28th.

weekend at the university library

Warsaw University Library (BUW) is the coolest library building I've ever seen. Probably more pictures comingg up soon, I need to spend some more time over there...

warsaw from sunset to sunrise

Museums' Night in Warsaw, 2k12. All night riding and chilling out.

new blog

I've decided to launch a new bike polo blog, it's called bikepolove. You can find it at bikepolove.blogspot.com.

legia warszawa

I had a chance to visit Warsaw'a beloved Legia's stadium two times recently: on a game day (today) and when it was totally empty. Certainly one of the nicest stadiums in Poland!

paris known and unknown: vertically

As usual, attempting to show a different side of a well-known metropolis: this time with a vertical aspect (however, note no skyscrapers here). A random modernist building which location I cannot remember, Louvre, Eiffel Tower as seen from the Musee du Quai Branly courtyard, and a tree in Belleville Park.

paris bits: by the water

February aura doesn't encourage to get close to the water, but in Paris, water does play a role in the public space. Pont des Arts and a little square close to Centre Pompidou.

winter branches of paris

Tree branches make a nice foreground when you're photographing the city. Very often It's hard to show depth of a confined urban landscape, things like branches help me achieve that.

from the arc

Arc de Triomphe is probably the most famous of all the triumphal arches (not as big as the one in North Korea though). Therefore, no picture of the Arch itself.
It was a very bad day for shooting, the midst of February in Paris, in fog and clouds. Had to go up and down with exposure etc in photoshop to make them look, at least a little less pale than my desk :)

paris' lost statues

After a ten-day break (sorry about that by the way!), a couple of Paris' unknown statues. I bet there is not a single person who can localize them all! :)