paris known and unknown: vertically

As usual, attempting to show a different side of a well-known metropolis: this time with a vertical aspect (however, note no skyscrapers here). A random modernist building which location I cannot remember, Louvre, Eiffel Tower as seen from the Musee du Quai Branly courtyard, and a tree in Belleville Park.

paris bits: by the water

February aura doesn't encourage to get close to the water, but in Paris, water does play a role in the public space. Pont des Arts and a little square close to Centre Pompidou.

winter branches of paris

Tree branches make a nice foreground when you're photographing the city. Very often It's hard to show depth of a confined urban landscape, things like branches help me achieve that.

from the arc

Arc de Triomphe is probably the most famous of all the triumphal arches (not as big as the one in North Korea though). Therefore, no picture of the Arch itself.
It was a very bad day for shooting, the midst of February in Paris, in fog and clouds. Had to go up and down with exposure etc in photoshop to make them look, at least a little less pale than my desk :)