2008/08/31 Vienna, Austria

A couple of images from my day in Vienna dwo weeks ago.

2008/08/30 Trzaska cesta vicinity, Ljubljana

These are shot during my last day in Ljubljana.
I really like
d the "Ljubljana" graffiti on a shabby building and the cat/dog scene just made my day!

Guess that's it for Ljubljana; soon I'll upload some shots from a day in Vienna.

2008/08/29 Center, Ljubljana

Various scenes from Downtown Ljubljana.
Another building by Plecnik (Miklosiceva cesta - street),
A little fella that accompanied me during my lunch brake at Ljubljanica banks,
And a totally cool scene from a local department store. I saw this little guy and liked this contrast so much that I had to snap a photo!

2008/08/28 Prešernov trg, Ljubljana

Preserenov trg, I.E. Preseren square is Ljubljana's centrally located main square.

2008/08/28 Ljubljana Grad

Ljubljana Castle is dating back to 12th century A.D. It's located centrally and dominates the city's skyline.
I don't think that the castle itself is any interesting but the views from it are pretty nice.

2008/08/27 Zmajski most, Ljubljana

Zmajski most, The Dragon Bridge over Ljubljanica river is a creation by ...guess who? Of course, our friend, Joze Plecnik. Ljubljana really is his town!
I really liked this bridge. In any other place in the world I would probably consider it a kitsch but in Slovenia's finest city it was just in it's place.
The upper picture shows a very nice lamppost at dusk (you can also spot these in the picture below.)

2008/08/27 Plecnikove Zale, Ljubljana

Plecnikove Zale cementary was also created by Joze Plecnik.
These pictures doesn't show any of his buildings though; I just liked the colors of those lamps...

2008/08/27 The Triple Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Triple Bridge over Ljubljanica river is a creation by famous slovenian architect and artist, Joze Plecnik.