To get to know a city one needs to ride across it back and forth on a bicycle, learn at least one local slang word, see cool hangouts, drink coffee at local specialty cafes, get to know a legend (not necessarily an urban one), see a few sunsets, and if possible sunrises.

To play bike polo one needs to ride a bicycle, find a group of two-wheel enthusiasts, a ball, mallets, large tough surface and two goals. After these preparations it's time to accept the basic rule - "don't overestimate rules", and you're ready to play. You don't know what bike polo is? C'mon! #ohonbicycles

In his works Stan Baranski combines two things. First - LOOK! Look in a way to see (know) more. Watch cities and get to know their specifics. Second - PLAY. Take part in a niche sport that dwells in urban areas.

The exhibition is a result of riding, playing and getting to know cities over the course of last couple of years. It is a subjective look at a few cities seen through the viewfinder and from a cyclist's perspective.

Piotr Sikora

Come to the beautiful Pauza in Garden to see a few of my pictures in real life.
Exhibition open all February. Opening Monday 1st at 7PM. #bethere #żenarowerach

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