ft. lauderdale: myspace

An American institution, parking meters are somewhat interesting for an European, we're only used to parking machines. This one was spotted outside downtown Fort Lauderdale, part of metropolitan area of Miami.

miami: dead city

Downtown Miami looks totally deserted on a Saturday afternoon, literally like out of a hollywood disaster film. Plus, there's nothing really to see...

pastel miami beach

These gas / water / electrical substations of some sort were sitting in the middle of residential part of Miami Beach. Pretty cool colors, I felt like I traveled in time to the '80s!

miami: metro mover

Metro Mover is a free-of-charge shuttle train service circling downtown Miami. On a Saturday afternoon it's a refuge for homeless trying to get off the humid and hot sidewalks of empty business district in a nice, air conditioned interior of the car.

I'm having my birthday in Paris now so expect some pictures soon!

welcome to vice city

First afternoon in Miami Beach welcomed us with this spectacular view. Downtown Miami in the distance. The view made me remember all those movies and video games...

Happy Valentine's Day from Valencia, Spain!

bessa: waterfall

High up in the Polish Tatra mountains. Due to the weather downturn, the picture came out a little underexposed.
Taken with Voigtlander Bessa.