valencian streetart

...or in the case of this one barber shop, just a creative way to advertise. Anyway, art comes out to the streets in Valencia, more than in any other city this sice I've been to. Pretty damn amazing how big the streetart scene is down there!

more valencia rooftops

I'm back from abroad, back online, and able to post again. Before I go down to the street level, see two more shots from the top of Catedral de Valencia.


A plain, single shot of central Valencia skyline opens up a short series of pictures of this beautiful Spanish town. VLC streetart next on the line!


Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's lifetime project is by far the most spectacular religious construction in the world. Although so far from completion (planned for late 2020s), it's already more stunning than any other church in the world. It's so recognizable and well known, that I avoided exterior shots, except for an image of the passion facade.

living in barcelona

Some of the most interesting - in my opinion - residential architecture in Barcelona. Including a detail on the famed Gaudi's Casa Mila. Speaking of Gaudi, next thing I'm going to put up is a set of photographs from Sagrada Familia, the architect's lifetime achievement, so get ready :)

barcelona cityscapes

Not much of a comment needed here: just a couple of views from places I climbed. I especially recommend a hill in Guell Park!

bcn interiors

Exploring Barcelona I mostly walked the streets. That's what I usually do. Although I've decided to put together a set of interior shots to give you an idea of how interesting this city can be from the inside. So there it goes: two or three churches, a couple of cafes (including one in Barcelonetta with letters screaming over the bar: "No hablamos Ingles pero hacemos unas bombas cojonudas" - they don't speak English and something I can't really understand), an apartment building we broke into, a museum, the Cream fixed gear bike shop and eventually - the train station on our way out. Obviously I have some interior pictures of Sagrada Familia but I want to devote a whole separate post to that.

La Boqueria

As promised last week, a few snapshots of the famous La Boqueria, an amazing food market in the heart if the Barrio Gothic in Downtown Barcelona. I was told It's gotten too touristy, but we still loved it!

looking up in bcn

Walking (my feet off!) in Barcelona gives little opportunity to look up, as there are so many interesting things to look at in every other direction. Although I stopped for a moment a couple of times to explore the tops of tiny courtyards, narrow labyrinth-like streets of the Gothic District, or beautiful architecture of some of the Barcelona's boulevards, like Avinguda Diagonal, about ten-kilometer long artery cutting the city in half.
Also, a little sneak peek of the La Boqueria - the old food market of downtown BCN.