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One of many examples of top quality modern architecture in Leipzig. Someone told me once that Leipzig is always dotted with construction cranes, unlike in Poland, vast majority of newly built offices are top-notch! This one here is somewhat connected to the University, though I don't know it's function.

leipzig: freiheit at sunset

Sunset with the "Freiheit" (freedom) mural on the side of Marriott Hotel in Downtown Leipzig.

leipzig: the tower

This transparent observation tower stands on the south side of Cospudener See lake in Leipzig. Wouldn't recommend climbing it to a person that's scared of heights! Although it gives a nice view of the lake and distant downtown Leipzig.

leipzig: the supreme court

The building for the Supreme Court in Leipzig is situated on Simsonplatz.

leipzig: fahrrad garage

That's the before mentioned university bicycle parking garage. I don't know how many bikes it hoses but there always were free parking spots. Now, that's planning ahead. Another thumbs up, Germans!